Rehab Guru HIPAA Support

Rehab Guru HIPAA Support

Rehab Guru can support your company in complying with HIPAA regulations. The actions suggested and support provided within Rehab Guru does not automatically make your business compliant with HIPAA. Below are some of the things we offer to help you be HIPAA compliant. 

Customisable patient emails

By default, Rehab Guru will include the patient's name in transactional emails (i.e. exercise prescription and patient forms). However, you have the option of customising these to remove such information to align with your own HIPAA policies and standards. To do this, navigate to the Account > Customise page and customise the emails to your needs. 

Recommendation for Client Pin requirements

If you have enabled HIPAA settings on your account, you will be reminded to activate the client pin requirements on the publish page. The client pin number adds a second authentication factor to the client portal and mobile application when patients view their exercise programme.

Provision of Business Associate Agreements (BAA)

Business Associate Agreements can be requested by contacting the Rehab Guru team via the in-app support widget. See here for guidance.

Automatic sign-out

Configuration of automatic sign-out can be set at a Team level or on a per-account level. To learn more about automatic sign-out, check out this guide.

Security, Encryption, Privacy and Sub-Processors

Below is a list of links and resources that signpost you to the relevant information you may need to fulfil your HIPAA requirements. 

  1. Rehab Guru Trust Centre
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Information Security Page
  4. Sub-processor page
  5. Patient information page

Appointment Privacy and Data Protection Officer

Rehab Guru has appointed a Privacy Officer to ensure Rehab Guru remains compliant and action BAA requests. Another important requirement is their oversight of training the wider Rehab Guru team on HIPAA, all of which is logged within our HIPAA compliance management system. You may contact our privacy officer at [email protected].

Activity Monitoring

When the HIPAA setting is active, Rehab Guru will start to maintain audit logs on the account actions performed by the account owner and associated team. This information is available on request from Rehab Guru and will be provided in CSV format. To make a request, follow the in-app support and request the information from the support team.

Data Deletion and Data access requests

Data deletion and data access requests can be performed from the Privacy Portal.

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