Sharing Client Labels

Client labels are a great way to filter your client list and keep things organised. The benefits of this organisation can also be shared amongst the colleagues within your Rehab Guru team by Sharing the labels you create. 

To learn how to create and manage client labels, see the help article Client Labelling

To share client labels across your team, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Client page. 

2. Hover the labels button at the top of the page and select Manage Labels from the dropdown menu. 

3. On the manage label popup window, choose the labels you would like to share with your team and click Sharing Settings

4. Depending on your team / organisation settings will dictate what sharing options you have available to you. Sharing options can be selected by clicking on the checkboxes. Note: If your team has 'Enforced Collaboration' set, you will not be able to uncheck the sharing checkboxes. 

5. Click save, and your labels will be shared with your team. 

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