Client Labelling

Client labels simplify the management of your client list by being able to 'tag' them with your chosen label. This process is similar to the labelling or flagging of emails in your inbox. 

To get started labelling your clients, follow these steps. 

1. On the Client page, hover the Label button at the top of the page, and a menu will appear. Any existing labels that have been shared with you or you have created yourself will appear in the dropdown menu. 

2. To create a new label, click on New Label

3. Enter the label name in the popup window and click OK.

4. Once your label has been created, it can be applied to your clients. To do this, firstly select the clients you wish to label by clicking the selection box on the left of the client list. 

5. Once selected, hover the Label button at the top of the page and select the labels you wish to apply to these clients, then click Apply

6. Removing labels can be performed by following the same steps, however unchecking the label checkboxes followed by clicking on Apply

7. Once your clients are labelled, you will see the labels appear as Filters in the left hand menu. You can toggle the filter buttons only to show the clients with the associated label applied to them. 

8. The View all and No label filters are provided as defaults for quickly seeing your whole client list or viewing those who do not have a label applied. 

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