Smart Client Portal

The Rehab Guru Smart Client Portal allows clients to record their sessions, record feedback and enter comments that can be reviewed in the client's record within Rehab Guru. 

Client Portal Updates

Changes to the Rehab Guru Client portal were rolled out in Oct 21. The updates allows clients to follow their programme and enter reporting data, which was previously only available on the smart phone application. We now offer the exact same features and experience across all platforms, web and mobile. 

To follow their programme your clients will continue to be able to simply click a link in the email they receive and view their programme quickly and easily. If reporting settings have been configured on the programme then the client will be given appropriate prompts to enter data in accordance with the reporting settings (i.e. before the session, after each exercise etc etc). Below is an image to show how this looks from a clients perspective. 

Programmes that have settings configured will display a Start Session button.

Appropriate prompts are displayed to guide your client through their programme.

Feedback windows popup for completion. 

To learn how to view the reported data please read the How to View Client Reported Data article.

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