How to View Client Reported Data

Rehab Guru offers some hugely powerful features for the analysis of patient reported data. The image below shows the reported data screen which is broken into a number of key areas. Each area is explained in detail below. 

1. Prescription Filter

You can filter the results shown by choosing which prescriptions you would like to see the data for. By default this page will load data from all past prescriptions. However, you can simply choose the one or multiple prescriptions from the dropdown list to refine your results. 

2. Date Range Filter

The Date range allows you to choose the beginning and end dates of the period you would like to view. To use this feature simply click on the date input box and choose the start and end date. The system will automatically begin crunching the data and show you the results automatically. If there is a lot of data it may take a few sections to run the calculations. 

3. Outcome Measures

Outcome measures are a special type of patient form that can be sent directly to a clients email address for completion. Upon completion of the questionnaire, Rehab Guru will perform an auto-calculation of the score and store it in the client's record. A summary of outcome measures can be seen on the reporting page. This allows you to view all the reported data for this client on a single page. Clicking on the outcome measure title will link directly to the survey they completed to allow for a closer look. To learn more about outcome measures checkout the help article How to Create and Send Outcome Measures

4. Average Scores

Any outcome data that has been collected will be averaged for the date period selected. This data appears in a helpful radial dial view with a numeric value in the centre for quick reference at a glance. 

5. Detailed Client Reported Data

A full chart of all client sessions can be found at the bottom of the reporting page. All reported data metrics are displayed on the same chart which can be explored in greater depth by clicking on any reported session, or pink bar in the chart.

Clicking on a pink bar will provide you with a detailed session view, where additional data can be viewed, including any comments that your client has made. 

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