Zoom Time Zones

Rehab Guru includes an entire library of available time zones as listed in the IANA time zone database. This allows appointments to be booked in any time zone, and the offset time will be accurately displayed in the patient emails and on the clinician's dashboard. 

Unfortunately, Zoom does not include a complete list of time zone IDs per the IANA database. This means that Rehab Guru has to map an appropriate time zone to account for Zoom's shortfall. We can't predict and map every time zone possibility to Zoom's limited list. However, we can implement mappings for an appropriate timezone to give accurate GMT offsets. 

If you find that your Zoom appointments do not include time zone offsets, please contact us at [email protected] to add a mapping for you. 


In this example, the web browser reports that the time zone for the user booking an appointment is Australia/Melbourne.

However, when we look at Zoom's list of time zones, they do not recognise the time zone Australia/Melbourne. They bundle it in with the time zone Australia/Sydney

If you experience this issue, we require you to get in touch with your current location time zone, which can be identified by visiting your appointment's page and viewing the dropdown selection list beneath the calendar (see image below). Once we have this time zone, we can implement a mapping to the most appropriate 'zoom supported' zone, and we can get you back up and running. 

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