Using Zoom for Telehealth Appointments

To use Zoom for Telehealth, firstly ensure you have followed the instructions in the Integrating with Zoom article.

Once Zoom has been integrated you can create an appointment type which uses Zoom as the Telehealth service. To do this navigate to Account > Appointments and click on Add Appointment Type

In the Add Appointment Type window, select  Zoom as the Meeting Type. 

Configure the rest of the appointment as needed. 

You can now choose the appointment type from the Crete Appointment window (note that your appointment type may be named differently to what is shown in the image below). 

After saving the appointment, it will appear in the appointment list. You can view the Zoom links associated with this appointment by clicking on the options button and selecting View Details. In the view details window you will find two links to your Zoom meeting. The Host URL is the meeting for you, the clinician. The Join URL is the link which will be sent to your client when you first created the appointment, 24 hours before the appointment and optionally when clicking Send Details

Below is an example of the View Details popup window. 

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