Template Sharing

Rehab Guru Pro

Template sharing is a Pro feature, subscribe to use this feature and many others to level up your exercise presciption.

To share your own Templates with others
  1. Turn on sharing by visiting the sharing page and clicking 'Turn on Sharing'.
  2. Once Template Sharing is active you'll be given a uniqueshare key similar to this:  befd5ee7-25cd-6632-9fe2-9b39747a7320
  3. Share this key with your colleagues who you wish to be able to view your shared Templates.
  4. The last step us to actually share a programme, on the template page simply click on a template title, view settings and click 'Share Template'. 
    Note: Only the templates you share will be visible in your template feed.
To subscribe to another therapists template feed
  1. To subscribe to a Template feed you must have the unique Template Share Key from the other Rehab Guru Pro user. 
  2. Paste the unique share key into the 'Sharing Key' input box and give the feed a descriptive and friendly name. 

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