Sending Programs / Prescriptions

Once you've added exercises and edited params and settings it's time to publish. There are a number of options for publishing, so be sure to checkout our videos on Publishing to get a full overview.

Click on the Publish link in the top menu bar. 

The publish page is split into 3 sections:

Assign to a client

Save collection

Preview programme

1. Assign to client

Use the assign to a client section to assign the current collection of exercises to one or more clients. This comes with several additional options, including:

  • Setting the programme title
  • Selecting client(s)
  • Options to create or import clients from connected integrations
  • Attach patient information to the programme
  • Optionally send an email
  • Optionally write the prescription directly to patient notes (connected integration required)
  • Add a PIN
  • Add prescription notes

Once all options have been set, you can assign the programme to the selected clients by clicking the Assign Programme button. After you have clicked assign programme you will receive confirmation of the program being assigned. 

2. Save Collection

You can also save the working collection of exercises as a template, update an existing template or download the programme as a PDF. These features are especially useful to build small templates of commonly prescribed exercises. These templates can then be used as building blocks or 'programme snippets' to save time and develop an efficient workflow. 

  • To save the current collection as a new template click on the Save as template button. 
  • To update an existing template with the current collection and settings, firstly select the template you wish to update in the dropdown menu and then click on Update template
  • To download the current collection as a PDF, firstly choose the template you wish to use, then click the Download button. The PDF will be generated and downloaded automatically. 

3. Preview programme

A preview of the current collection can be viewed at the bottom of the publish page. 

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