Updating a Template

Note: You can only update your own templates, not ones that belong to Rehab Guru or any templates that are shared with you. If you wish to make changes you should load the exercises into your collection and save a version of the template as your own.

To update a template you must first load that template into your working collection by selecting the template from the Templates page and clicking Load. We suggest you clear your collection before loading, or select overwrite when loading to ensure the only exercises in your working collection are those from the template. 

Once the template is loaded into you working collection you can make any edits you wish. Once you're happy with the updated programme you can progress to the Publish page to save this update. 

Note: Your template will only be updated if you follow the next steps.

On the Publish page scroll down to the Save template section and start typing the template name into the text input to filter the list. Select the template you wish to update with your current collection and click Update selected template.

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