Merging Duplicate Client Records

Encountering duplicate client records in your system can be a bit of a muddle, but fear not! Our straightforward process makes consolidating these records easy.

  1. Identify the Duplicates: First, sift through your client records to spot any duplicates.
  2. Prepare for the Merge: Once you've identified the duplicates, navigate to the 'Options' menu within your client's profile.
  3. Select Primary Record: You’ll find the 'Merge Clients' feature within the' Options' menu. Select the record you wish to retain as the primary one.
  4. Finalise the Merge: Follow the on-screen prompts to merge the records. The system will then amalgamate the duplicates, ensuring that all the information is neatly stored under one client profile.

If you need some help or need a helping hand with any of the steps, our team is always on standby to lend a hand. Feel free to drop us a line; we'll get you sorted quickly.

Note: It’s always prudent to double-check the details before confirming the merge to ensure the correct records are combined.

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