Custom Cliniko Templates

Rehab Guru is a platform that works smoothly with Cliniko, enabling you to effortlessly upload your exercise prescriptions and synchronize patients. Nonetheless, there might be times when you face connection issues with Cliniko, especially if you are not the administrator of the account. Alternatively, you might need to customize the default exercise prescription template saved in your account. This support guide is here to help you navigate through these concerns, ensuring a seamless experience with our app.

Error when writing exercise prescriptions

1. If you do not have permission to write to Clinko, you may receive an error  Error 141 - writing notes to patient notes. This error is commonly caused by the user's inability to create a new template on Cliniko. 

2. To get around this problem, users can specify the template they would like Rehab Guru to use when connecting Cliniko.

3. You can find the exercise prescription template ID in your browser's address bar when viewing the template in Cliniko. (Navigate Settings > Treatment Notes templates)

4. If an exercise prescription template is not available in your notes template library, there are two options. You can either request your Cliniko admin to integrate it first or manually create a new template in Cliniko. To create a new template manually, download the file below and click on the "Import Cliniko file" button on the Treatment Notes Template page.

Exercise Prescription Template

5. Once the template has been added, Click save. Then view the template and copy the ID from the address bar. This is the ID you can use when Reconnecting Cliniko from the Rehab Guru Integration page. 

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