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At this time, this service is only available to UK customers.

We have teamed up with to streamline your scan scheduling experience. We help you book imaging for your patients that fits their needs, location, and budget.

Imaging referrals are available on all paid Rehab Guru plans. If you have questions about your subscription, please email [email protected].

It takes seconds to get up and running to request imaging referrals from Rehab Guru. The video below shows you all the steps you need to follow. 

1. Login to Rehab Guru and Navigate to Account > Integration.

2. Click on Connect

3. Confirm sharing your email address with

4. You can now navigate to the Client > Imaging page and request scans. 

5. Complete the required information, paying particular attention to the Additional Information, which is important for the clinicians to review prior to approving the booking.

6. Click Create booking

7. The status of the booking can be viewed on the Imaging page.

8. Once the referral has been approved, your client will receive a link via email to complete their safety questions, choose their scanning centre, and securely pay for their scan.

9. Upon completing the scan, the results will be available to you on the Imaging page. Click on the Completed scan to view the details page. 

10. Referral forms and Patient reports can be viewed by clicking on the links in the Scan documents section.

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