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Configuring Reporting Settings

Understanding reporting settings

Rehab Guru gives you the option to collect the outcome data you require and when you would like to request it from your client's. You can collect data on the following :

  • Pain
  • Wellness
  • Breathlessness
  • BORG
  • Modified BORG
  • Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)
  • Fatigue

Each of these measures can be collected at specific points within the clients programme, these include: 

  • Before or after every exercise
  • Before or after every session
  • Before or after every day
  • Before or after every week
  • Before or after every programme

Using our client reporting settings panel on the publish page you can create whatever configuration of reporting settings you wish. Once you have created an outcome set of measures you can also save it as a preset so it can be quickly selected for future use. 

Configuring reporting settings

TO configure the reporting settings on your exercise programme follow these steps:

1. On the Creator > Publish page toggle the client reporting switch to show the reporting configuration settings. 

2. When the configurator first loads it will be blank, ready for you to add the measure, interval, and type of reporting data you wish to collect. 

3. If this is the first time you have configured your reporting settings you will not have any presets saved. A preset is simply a saved collection of reporting settings that can be loaded quickly by selecting the preset from the drop down list. 

4. Next, select the measure you would like to collect, choosing from Pain, Wellness, BORG, Modified BORG, RPE, Breathlessness, Fatigue

5. From the next dropdown list choose whether you would like to collect this measure before or after

6. From the Type dropdown choose from the options for the collection type, the options are: every exercise, every session, every day, every week or programme.

7. You can continue to add as many measures as you wish by clicking on the green + icon.

8. Once you have added all the settings, we suggest saving the settings as a preset by clicking New Preset

9. Enter a name for the preset and click save.

10. Once saved this preset will be available in the dropdown list for all future programmes, saving you time. 

11. With the reporting settings configured you can now assign the programme as normal by clicking on Assign Programme.

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