Connect Rehab Guru to Cliniko as a Connected App

Rehab Guru can connect to Clinko in two ways, both require the connection via the API so this supporting article should be followed in the first instance.

The Connected App approach allows you to extend Cliniko's functionality by adding a 'Open in Rehab Guru' button to the patient details page. Follow these steps to connect Rehab Guru to Cliniko as a 'Connected App'. 

  1. In your Cliniko Account navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. Scroll down to the Connected Patient Apps section. 
  3. Click Add App
  4. Enter Rehab Guru in the App Name and in to the App URL. 
  5. Click Save connected patient apps
  6. Now navigate to a clients detail page and you will now see a new button titled Open in (see image below)

Good to know

Here are some a few points which are good to know about this method.

  • This will connect directly to the patients record in Rehab Guru if they already exist (have a Cliniko ID by bring imported originally)
  • This method will not connect to a patient who has not previously been imported. 
  • If the client does not exist in Rehab Guru then you have the option of creating them 'on the fly'. 

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