How to change email preferences

Rehab Guru have three main types of email correspondence we may send your way:

  1. Platform and feature updates
  2. Offers and Deals
  3. Legal updates, terms and conditions, privacy and data protection

We want you to be in control of what you receive and this page is designed to make that clear. Email is our primary source of communication with you and the details below explain what each email list is for and how you can manage your preferences. 

Platform and feature updates

We perform daily updates and improvements on the platform and associated apps. Some of these updates may change the user interface or way of performing certain tasks. We will update you via email on these changes and signpost you to user guides and information on how to use the new / changes features. 

We strongly recommend you leave this setting ON.

Frequency: We have sent 4 of these in the last 12 months. All other updates have been shown to you within the app notification screen. 

Offers and Deals

We work with a number of partners to bring discounts on your favourite brands. This is also the email you would receive if we ever provide a seasonal special offer such as a Black Friday event where you can make huge savings on Rehab Guru Plans. 

If you don't like receiving emails with deals then turn this setting off. 

Frequency: We have sent 2 of these emails in the last 12 months. 

Account, legal, terms, privacy and data protection updates

Rehab Guru are committed to abiding by the Information Commissioners Office guidelines and regulations. As part of this and our dedication to keeping your information safe and secure, we may from time to time email you on important topics or required actions. One such important reason is the implementation of our Data Retention Policy, where if an account has not been logged into for 12 months we will request you to confirm it's activity before we will schedule the deletion of it's data. 

These updates are important and are therefore not optional.

How to update my preferences

Your preferences can be updates on the account page of the Rehab Guru Web App available here: Scroll down to the Communications section where you can toggle your presences. Click save to persist these changes. 

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