Telehealth Update

New Telehealth functionality and workflows are due for release in Aug 2020, this article provides information on what to expect and how to use the new features. 

What's New?

Telehealth v1 provided individual meeting rooms without any ability to book appointments or send information to your Clients. This update changes that functionality and also offers a new service called Telehealth +. The addition of a new Telehealth service brings even more features, including:

  • White labelling
  • Call audit and logging
  • HD Video and clear audio
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Wide compatibility and zero downloads 
  • Call recording (coming soon)
  • HIPAA Compliance (coming soon)

What's the Difference between Telehealth Lite & Telehealth+

We are offering two services as part of our commitment to balancing price, features and security. Our new Telehealth + service utilises a world leading communication provider called Twilio. We have chosen Twilio based on a number of factors, not least their security and privacy commitments and assurances.

Telehealth + is not a wholly included service in your Rehab Guru subscription, the size of your team will determine how many inclusive Telehealth+ client minutes you receive per month. Telehealth+ usage is metered using a Credit based system to account for the number of Client Minutes you use (for example 2 people on a call for 30 minutes will use a total of 60 client minutes). We have chosen to use a credit-based system as this same credit account will be used for new features (yet to be released) which will be run using consumable credits.

The original service is now called Telehealth Lite and continues to use secure Open Source Jitsi software. With this update, we have also added the ability to schedule appointments in the calendar and email Telehealth appointment details to your clients. When booking a Telehealth call, you simply select the date, time and which service you would like to use for the meeting👇🏼.

What's Changing?

We try to minimise the disruption caused as we roll out new features, however, the new Telehealth functionality is so extensive we wanted to give you an advance warning of what to expect.

The New Telehealth Page

The largest change is the user interface for managing Telehealth. Telehealth has a new home on the client details page to provide space for the additional functionality.  The client details page now has a side menu where you can manage additional features such as Treatment Notes and Telehealth appointments. 

The Telehealth page is where you can book your future appointments as well as send details, view the call history and set reminders. Previously you were forced to collect the Telehealth call details and send them to your client manually, now you can share those details with a single click. 

Updated workflow

The updated workflow for Telehealth is:

  1. Click Schedule Meeting
  2. Choose the date, time and duration for the appointment
  3. Select the service (Telehealth Lite or Telehealth+)
  4. Click Book Meeting

Once an appointment is created you can see it listed in the upcoming meetings list, with options to view the details, start the meeting or send meeting details. 

Note: You can only start a meeting if you're within 30 minutes of the appointment time.  

Branded Telehealth 

Our additional Telehealth + service allows your video conferences to be branded with your logo and colour scheme for a really professional touch! These styles are taken from the Customise page and will match the branding of your client portal which now accepts Logo images in .png format so you can have crystal clear images with transparency. 

When is it changing?

We are rolling out this update in early August 2020, if you would like early access please submit a support ticket and we will provide it for you. We also welcome any feedback you have, just drop our team an email at [email protected]

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