Getting Started with Telehealth

Rehab Guru's Telehealth service offers an easy to use, secure and efficient way to provide client consultations via video call. There are several powerful features offered across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android) and this guide will help you get started, however, to become a Telehealth Pro we advise reading the related articles as well.

Video Walkthrough

Arranging a Meeting

Consultation appointments must still be organised by your clinic’s normal process and communicated to the patient as you normally would. Rehab Guru Telehealth allows the creation of a digital consultation but it does not have an appointment booking system to organise your appointment dates and times. We suggest you include online consultation information in the patient information at the time of appointment booking, either by email or clinic management system.

A suggested workflow for the arrangement of a meeting is:

  1. Create a new client in Rehab Guru (if a new admission)
  2. View the Client Meeting Room information from the drop-down menu in the client details screen.
  3. Copy the meeting ID and Meeting URL information for the patient correspondence. 

Attending a Meeting (Therapist)

To attend a meeting at the pre-arranged time simple navigate to the client details page for the client that you are having a consultation with and click the Launch Meeting button.

The meeting will launch in a new window and you will be connected automatically.

Attending a Meeting (Client)

A client has the option of using the Rehab Guru Client app to attend the meeting (preferred) or they can attend using a desktop computer and a modern web browser. Both options are explained briefly below and in more detail on the client support pages

Via the Rehab Guru Client app (Recommended)

  1. Receive meeting details and time from the therapist
  2. Launch the Rehab Guru Client app and navigate:
    1. From the welcome page Options > Launch Video Call
      1. Enter the meeting ID
      2. Tap submit
    2. From the Program list page Menu > Join Meeting

Via Web Browser

  1. Receive meeting details and time from the therapist
  2. Navigate to the URL from the meeting details which will be in the format


There are a few pre-requisites to use Telehealth which are common to all video call software, mainly a modern web browser.


  1. Chrome, Firefox or Edge 80+ web browser


  1. An up to date web browser (i.e. Chrome 64+, Firefox or Safari), or
  2. The Rehab Guru Client app version 2.4+

Hosted Client Meeting Rooms

To make the connection between you and your patient as quick and easy as possible we have chosen to create an individual secure meeting room for every client you create. This means that there is no need to 'create a meeting' or 'call each other' you simply go to the hosted meeting room at an agreed time and you'll be able to begin your consultation.

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