How to publish a programme using the Rehab Guru mobile app

1. Publish

  • From the Creator, select the blue Publish icon in the top-right corner. 
  • By selecting the Publish page, it is possible to change the programme name.
  • It’s also possible to email the programme to a client, by selecting an existing client or by adding a new client to your account and then send.
  • Download PDF allows printing for an exercise programme.
  • The ‘Private Programme’ option allows for an extra layer of security if this is desired. If this is needed, a pin will be generated at random which is connected to a client in your account. (Please see the help document for Adding a client)

2. Saving A New Template

  • Once a programme has a name, it is possible to save the programme, either as a new template to your account, or to replace an existing saved template.
  • Press the ‘Save’ button
  • The pop up will initially offer the opportunity to save the programme as a new template to your account.

  • The alternative saving option is to update an existing template. Scroll through your saved templates from the drop-down. It is only possible to replace existing exercises that you have previously saved. 
  • If you have loaded a Rehab Guru template into the Creator and modified it, save the programme as a new template.

3. Adding A Client

  • By selecting the ‘Add Client’ tab within the Publish page, the user can enter the client's name and email address.
  • A user does not need to issue the client with a client pin unless the user wishes to add an extra layer of security. The client will need this to use the client app.

N.B. Clients can also be added and managed in the Clients page, found on the bottom toolbar (see Client Page help document)

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