Editing with the programme creator

1. Orientation of the Creator Page
  • Within Creator, each exercise has its own Edit button allowing all information to be edited (title, description and parameters).
  • Each exercise also has a Remove bottom allowing individual exercises to be deleted from the programme.

2. Menu Editing

  • At the top right of the Creator page, the blue 'Menu' button allows further editing options for the programme as a whole.
  • The order of exercises can be arranged.
  • The entire programme of exercises can be cleared and the programme can be viewed as a patient would see it.
  • For Subscription users, your logo and branding can be applied to view the outcome of a programme before sending.

3. Exercise Editing

  • In the creator page, each exercise has a blue button called ‘Edit'
  • Exercises from templates will already be populated with parameters, so it is worth checking these to ensure that they fit the specific objectives of the exercise programme, I.e. power, strength endurance, hypertrophy, etc.
  • Select the ‘Edit’ button to open editing options for the exercise.

  • The pop up allows editing of the exercise description and the parameters.

4. Editing And Adding New Parameters

  • The exercises already have parameters selected, but custom parameters can be added.
  • Select ‘Edit Parameters’ to add new parameters

  • Select or unselect available parameters.
  • Or select the blue button at the top-right of the pop up to create a new custom parameter.

  • Add the new parameter with a name that is specific to you and your patients.

  • With all parameters chosen, enter the correct values into the required field.

  • The exercises will be populated with the correct parameters and are ready to be sent.

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