Advanced template features

  • The filter tab allows a user to choose between Rehab Guru programme templates, saved templates, or the templates shared by other users. To connect with other users and share your saved programmes see Programme Sharing in the Power Features section (10).
  • Programmes saved by a user will also be available on this template page.

  • If you wish to choose only a few exercises, you can select the exercises and load them into the Creator.

  • To load all exercises into the Creator, Select the green Select icon at the top left of the screen, then Load.

Template sharing

  • Your own saved templates can be shared with associates. It is first necessary to connect your account to the other user (see the help article on sharing). Once this is done, select the Share icon on the top left corner of the template you wish to share.
  • Any template you choose to share will be visible for any other account that you have connected within the sharing page (see the help article on sharing).

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