Completing and logging exercise sessions

Complete your exercise programme and monitor progress by logging your performance.

Once you have uploaded a programme ID into the app, it will remain here for you to access.

Select an exercise programme to display the exercises within the app. 

Once the exercise programme is opened, there are two methods to follow your exercise programme.


Tap each exercise as they appear in the app, opening the video and feedback options.

The video can be played and images viewed.

Pressing the Complete button will give the opportunity to enter what parameters (reps, sets, weight, hold, etc) you have achieved.

The feedback button will give the opportunity to score pain and wellness.

Use the Comment box for any written feedback.

This feedback will be visible to your clinician once the scores are saved at the bottom.

The performance from all previous sessions is visible to clients through the results page.


Instead of scrolling through each exercise individually, there is a Menu button at the bottom of the exercise programme. The Menu button gives further options to complete your exercise programme, the second being the option to complete a Quick Log Session.

This gives the option to enter feedback but without viewing the video and images.

This is used to quickly log progress if a client has already learned how to complete the exercises and can complete them without needing to watch a demonstration. 

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