Getting started with the Rehab Guru Client app

This help guide is aimed at clients/patients who have been sent an exercise programme by a medical or exercise professional.

These steps guide you through the process of receiving an email, opening a programme within the client app, watching the videos and logging your progress.

These are all important elements of your rehab and also help your medical/exercise professional to monitor and enhance your health in the future.

The client app allows a user to enter their performance and feedback into the app for their clinician to see. 

This includes the parameters you have performed (reps, sets, weight, tempo etc) and also outcome measures based on pain scores and wellness scores.

With permission, the app will collect and display your activity data, relating to step count, an important element of health.

The data that you enter is also available to your exercise/medical professional to view, giving them the opportunity to adjust your exercise programme when required.

Step 1.

Receiving an email from Rehab Guru

Your medical or exercise professional will send an exercise programme to you through Rehab Guru.

The most helpful way to view and complete your exercise programme is by opening it on the Rehab Guru Client app for free.

Step 2.

Download the Rehab Guru app

The Rehab Guru Client app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore or the Google PlayStore. Type Rehab Guru into the search box of the store and there will be two apps available.

The Rehab Guru Pro app is for professionals, please ignore this and instead download the Rehab Guru Client app. 

Step 3.

Opening the exercise programme in the Rehab Guru Client app

Each Rehab Guru programme sent has a unique programme ID. This will be available in the email sent to you. Copy and paste the programme ID from the email into the client app.

Agree to the terms in order to open the programmes.

If extra security is required, it is possible for your medical or exercise professional to create a pin to enter, although this is optional.

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