Integrate with Nookal

We're pleased to offer a connection with, Nookal. With this integration, we allow you to import all your clients into Rehab Guru so you can assign them a rehab prescription quickly and easily.

To get started with your connection you first need to obtain the API key from your Nookal account. Log in to your account and navigate Setup > Integrations. On the integrations page toggle the Rehab Guru switch to enable the integration. Once enabled, click on Configure.

On the integration configuration page, optionally check the synchronise data checkboxes to allow Clinical Notes and Document access, then copy the API key. 

In another tab login to Rehab Guru and navigate to the Account > Integration page. On the integration page, click connect in the Nookal section. Enter your API key in the popup window as well as your region. If you are unsure of your region (EU or Non-EU) you can find this out by viewing the Nookal address where you login, for example

After you've entered your API key and region, click OK. Nookal is now connected and you can begin importing patients. 

There are two methods you can use to import patients:

  1. Bulk import from the Integration page. You can import many patients at a time by clicking on the Sync button. After your patient list has been returned from Nookal you can select those you wish to import. The preferred method of importing clients is to perform the import as and when you need it - See below 👇. 
  2. Import patients when needed. The best way to manage your patient synchronisation is to only import the patient when you are actually going to prescribe them an exercise programme. This prevents importing patients who do not have Rehab Guru programmes and is best practice from a security and data protection perspective. Follow these steps to do this:
    1. Navigate to the Publish page. 
    2. You now have a new section entitled Import from Nookal
    3. To import a patient type their last name in the search box and click Search
    4. A list of patients matching your search term will be shown below. 
    5. Click on a patient's name to open the import client popup, then click Save
    6. Once saved the client will appear in the selected client box as well as in your client list. 

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