Integrate with Nookal

We're pleased to offer a connection with, Nookal. With this integration, we allow you to import all your clients into Rehab Guru so you can assign them a rehab prescription quickly and easily.
To get started with your connection you first need to obtain the API key from your Nookal account. Log in to your account and navigate:

Practice > Integrations > Market Place > Configure (Custom)
Generate a new API key, select it all and copy it, being careful to ensure you have not added any empty space at the end or missed any characters in your selection. Ensure you click save on this page or your API key will not be saved and you will not be able to connect.

Now login to your Rehab Guru account and navigate:
Account > Integrations

On the integration page click 'Connect' on the Nookal Section.Enter your API key into the popup window and click Submit.

After you receive confirmation of the connection you will be able to click sync to import all your Nookal patients with Rehab Guru. It's as simple as that! You can run Sync as often as you like to import new patients.
After clicking on Sync you're given the option of selecting the patients that you would like to import into Rehab Guru. Select those you would like to import and click on Import. (Note: you can come back to this screen at anytime and import new patients by repeating the above process).

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