Introduction the Rehab Guru Mobile Apps

  1. Welcome To The Creator
  • Once registered, you will be navigated to the Creator in the centre of the lower navigation bar.  Exercise programmes are collated, edited and sent from this one central page.
  • It is possible to use, modify, combine and send exercise programmes from Rehab Guru’s template page to create an exercise programme.
  • Individual exercises can be found and added from the Exercise page at the top left of the Creator screen, or in the Exercises page on the navigation bar. 
  • Start creating an exercise programme from scratch, or add exercises to an existing template. They will appear on your Creator page.

2. Templates

  •  Navigate to the Templates page either at the top left of the Creator page or at the bottom left of the navigation bar.
  • The templates page offers you pre-set programmes to send to clients.

  • Select a template to view the exercises. Scroll through the list, or use the search box to find a template.
  • The search function will also find programmes that contain an exercise name that matches your search.

  • Select a template that you wish to use.

  • If you wish to choose only a few exercises, you can select the exercises and load them into the Creator.

  • To load all exercises into the Creator, Select the green Select icon at the top left of the screen, then Load.

3.  Searching For Exercises

  • If you wish to add exercises to a programme, or start a programme from scratch, use the navigation bar to open the Exercise page. 
  • Search the exercise library, add exercises to your collection or create your own.
  • Each exercise has the option to View, Add or Favourite.
  • Next to the search field are options to search with filters, searching favourites and searching your own created exercises.

4. Editing Exercises In Creator

  • Within Creator, each exercise has its own Edit button allowing all information to be edited (title, description and parameters).
  • Each exercise also has a Remove bottom allowing individual exercises to be deleted from the programme.

  • At the top right of the Creator page, the blue Menu button allows further editing options for the programme as a whole.
  • The order of exercises can be arranged.
  • The entire programme of exercises can be cleared and the programme can be viewed as a patient would see it.
  • For Subscription users, your logo and branding can be applied to view the outcome of a programme before sending.

5. Sending A Programme

  • Once exercises are loaded into your working collection, a user can choose to send the exercises immediately. 
  • From the Creator, navigate straight to Publish.
  • Add a new Client, or select an existing client, then send the prescription.
  • You will also be able to save an exercise programme for your account or download a programme as a Pdf, should you require a printout.

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