Integrate with Smartabase

Smartabase allows you to import all your clients so you can assign them a training program quickly and easily. It is also one of the few integrations that allows the automatic upload of prescriptions to the Athlete / Patient records

To get started with your connection you will need the following Smartabase details:
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Smartabase portal URL
  4. Exercise form name (Obtain this from your smartabase representative). 
All details are passed via an SSL encrypted connection and remain encrypted on your account. Rehab Guru have no access to your Smartabase credentials at anytime. 
In the to the Rehab Guru Web App and navigate to:
Account > Integrations

On the integration page click 'Connect' on the smartabase tile.

Enter all your Smartabase details and click OK.

After you receive confirmation of the connection you will be able to click sync to import all your Smartabase patients with Rehab Guru.
It's as simple as that! You can run Sync as often as you like to import new patients.
After clicking on Sync you're given the option of selecting the patients that you would like to import into Rehab Guru. Select those you would like to import and click on Import. (Note: you can come back to this screen at anytime and import new patients by repeating the above process).

Smartabase offers the ability to upload a prescription directly from the publish screen automatically when a program is assigned to a client. 
An added feature of Smartabase is automatic uploading of all prescription details when you assign a program to a client. To do this, simply toggle to the 'Upload to client Notes' button on the publish page. 

When this switch is togged to yes and you perform a prescription their program will look like the image below on the Smartabase system.

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