Integrate with DrChrono

We're pleased to offer a connection with DrChrono, a leader in EHR software. With this integration you import all your clients so you can assign them a training program quickly and easily.

Getting  connected is quick and easy. Simply navigate to the  integration page and click connect on the DrChrono tile.

After clicking connect you'll be redirected to the DrChrono login page. The integration between Rehab Guru and DrChrono is authenticated by OAUTH a secure method of communication between services. After signing in you'll be asked to allow Rehab Guru to read your patients profile information. We need access to their name and email address in order to save them as a client within Rehab Guru.

After authenticating the connection with DrChrono, you will be redirected to the Integrations page. The DrChrono tile should show that it's connected by displaying a Sync button.

To begin importing your clients, click on sync and Rehab Guru will perform a comparison between those clients already in the client database and those to be imported from DrChrono. You'll then be presented with a list of clients available for import, simply select the clients, or select all and click Import.

After importing your clients, head over to the  Clients page and view the newly imported clients. You can perform this sync as many time as you wish, your clients will not be overwritten.

We're expanding our features with DrChrono all the time, if you're missing a feature or you would like the current ones changing please get in touch using the Contact us link below.

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