Private Prescriptions

Please read these instructions carefully as private prescriptions require strict control of client pin numbers. If you client doesn't know their pin, or you change it without their knowledge they will lose access to their prescription.

To get started with private prescriptions you must first ensure that your clients have a pin number assigned to them. New clients will have one assigned automatically, however some legacy clients may require one setting. This is done by selecting the client and navigating 

    Menu > Edit Client

In the edit client popup window carefully read the notices and then click save to assign them a pin.

You're now ready to assign a private prescription. This setting is available on the publish page and activated by toggling the private prescription switch.

When you assign a programme you'll be given a confirmation message to ensure you would like to enable privacy.

Click OK  to prescribe the program.

From a clients perspective, when they click on their emailed link they will be presented with an input box on the client portal where they can input their pin number in order to unlock the program.

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